• Lambton County – Encompasses all the following regions, is approximately 1800 square kilometres and is home to about 128,000 people. Located along the St. Clair River and southern Lake Huron and just across the river from the United States, it is ideally situated for business, recreation, access to cultural activities, fishing and boating, shipping and, of course, the pure pleasure of its sandy beaches and famous sunsets. Housing is affordable and it provides easy access to large metropolitan centres such asLondon, Toronto, and Detroit. It boasts numerous beautiful parks, 20 golf courses, many conservation and camping areas and offers a lifestyle that is rich with things to do. 
    For a more comprehensive overview of Lambton County and the regions within it, go to: https://www.liveinlambton.ca/index.php/About/about-lambton.html 
  • City of Sarnia/Brights Grove – Sarnia is the largest centre in Lambton County (population approximately 77,000) and is located where St. Clair River and southern Lake Huron meet. With a beautiful waterfront, easy access to the United States, London and Toronto, and a diverse economic base, Sarnia offers affordable housing and major sports, entertainment and cultural activities. It is home to several petrochemical industries and is a deep water port important to the shipping industry. There are many parks, sports fields, golf courses, marinas, arenas, and a 16-km nature trail. LambtoCollege offers post-secondary education opportunities and is well known for its fire school and strong research and technological emphasis. For more information: https://www.city.sarnia.on.ca/
  • Village of Point Edward – Point Edward is a separate and distinct municipality in Lambton County that adjoins Sarnia and boasts a beautiful waterfront, world-famous fries under the bridge,” an OLG casino, trails, boating, fishing, parks, and the Bluewater Bridge that is the gateway to the US. The Bridge is the second busiest border crossing in North America and provides a vital trade and transportation link between Canada and the US. For more information: https://www.villageofpointedward.com/
  • St. Clair Township – Situated along the beautiful St. Clair River, St. Clair Township has a population of approximately 15,000 and encompasses the towns of Corunna,Mooretown, Wilkesport, Brigden, Courtright, Port Lambton, and Sombra as well as a large rural area. It is home to a thriving industrial park and several large industries. The United States is just across the river and the area is within 8 hours driving distance of approximately 22 million people. There are golf courses, parks, museums,conservations areas, camping, a ferry to the US, and a trail system thatextends almost the full length of the Township along St. Clair River. A sports complex is located in Mooretown and has two ice rinks, a swimming pool, a health club, and a library. For more information: https://stclairtownship.ca/
  • Town of Plympton-Wyoming Much of Plympton-Wyoming is located along the shores of Lake Huron and includes the town of Camlachie, many lakefront subdivisions, Mandaumin, the town of Wyoming as well as a large rural area. It includes many parks, golf courses, camping, nature trails, libraries and is home to the Lambton County offices in Wyoming. For more information: https://plympton-wyoming.com
  • Township of Enniskillen – The town of Petrolia (population approximately 5,600) is the largest centre in Enniskillen Township with the Villages of Oil City and Oil Springs also located there and the rest being rural. This area has a rich history in the oil industry and Oil Springs was home to the first commercial oil well in North America. There is a museum located in Oil Springs chronicling this history. Victoria Playhouse, which is host to many plays and other cultural events, is located in Petrolia. Also included in this township are parks, conservation areas, a hospital, golf courses, an arena, and shopping. For more formation: 
  • Township of Warwick – Watford, Warwick and a large rural area make up this township (population approximately 4,000). It has a large conservation area of 180 acres of forest, lake, and bike trails. While it has a definite small-town feel, it is conveniently situated within a 30-minute drive to the US or London, Strathroy and Sarnia. The recreation complex is included in the Silverstick Hockey Tournament and is home to a strong figure-skating club. For more nformation: https://warwicktownship.ca/
  • Lambton Shores – Home to Grand Bend, Forest, Arkona, Thedford, Port Franks, and a large rural area, Lambton Shores (population approximately 12 ,000) is renowned for its sunsets over Lake Huron and its popular beaches. It is a popular summer destination for many cottagers, boating, beach and nature lovers. It is also well known for its fruit tree orchards. The Pinery Provincial Park is located there and there are many other camping options as well. Marinas, golf courses, conservation areas, nature trails, arenas and parks abound. For more information: https://www.lambtonshores.ca/en/index.asp
  • Township of Dawn-Euphemia – Located in the Southeast corner of Lambton County, Dawn-Euphemia (population approximately 2200) is home to Rutherford, FlorenceOakdale, Edys Mills, Cairo, Bentpath and Shetland and is mainly a rural area with its major industry being agriculture and the businesses that serve that industry. It also is home to Union Gas Compressor Station and underground storage pools. The Sydenham River runs through the Township and it has a conservation area offering camping and canoeing with dock access. There are also many social and recreational facilities. For more information: https://www.dawneuphemia.ca/Pages/Dawn-Euphemia.aspx 
  • Township of Brooke-Alvinston - Mostly rural, Brooke-Alvinston (population approximately 3,000) is home to Inwood and Alvinston as well as the popular A.W. Campbell Conservation and camping area. Its major industry is agriculture and there is a commercial honey processing facility there. It also has a large community centre serving the area. For more information: https://brookealvinston.com

Lambton County has three First Nation communities within its borders. They are:

  • Kettle and Stony Point First Nation – Housing the Chippewas of Kettle and Stony Point and located on the shores of Lake Huron, Kettle Point is named for its unusual spherical rock formations that erode from the underlying shale beds. These are known as kettles” and are found in only three locations in the world. Kettle Point offers beautiful beaches, a golf course, shopping and an annual Pow Wow. They invite visitors to their beautiful area. For more information: https://kettlepoint.org/
  • Aamjiwaang First Nation – Located on the St. Clair River three 3 miles south of the southern tip of Lake Huron, Aamijiwaang is a small community that is dedicated to saving its culture and the environment for upcoming enerations. They also feature an annual Pow Wow to celebrate their culture. For more information: https://www.aamjiwnaang.ca/  
  • Walpole First Nation – Set on an island in the Southwest corner of Lambton County, Walpole is located in the mouth of the St. Clair River on Lake St. Clair and is also known as Bkejwanong, the place where the river divides. It has been home to Aboriginal people for thousands of years and today is home to approximately 3,000. It is known for its rare flora and fauna and still relies heavily on hunting, fishing, trapping and guiding as its economic base. It provides access by ferry to the US and is about 30 miles from Detroit.